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The Value of Veteran Benefits for Kansas Veterans

Veteran laws and health care benefits in Kansas can be difficult to navigate. Our Wichita law firm understands Veterans’ laws and the importance of incorporating VA planning into an estate and long-term planning in Kansas.

Those Veterans who have served during wartime have access for themselves and their spouses to a Pension that will pay for long-term care assistance.  It is called the Veteran’s Pension for Aid and Attendance.  This benefit would be in addition to any other Veteran’s payment, such as for a disability or other pension.  It includes a benefit for those Veterans and/or their spouses who are housebound and those in a facility.

Understanding Eligibility Requirements for Veterans Pension Benefits

The Veterans Benefits Administration changed the rules relating to eligibility for this pension in 2018.  There is now a bright line as to what assets and income a Veteran and/or a spouse can have and still be eligible for the pension to assist with care costs.

If the Veteran and/or a spouse need daily assistance, determining what they will be entitled to monthly depends on a cash-flow analysis.

  • For example, a Veteran with no dependents, who is housebound, may be entitled to as much as $22,577 annually.
  • A Veteran’s surviving spouse may be entitled to as much as $14,509 annually.

As of 10/10/2018, the VA implemented a net worth limit of $123,600 or less as what a Veteran and/or the Veteran’s spouse can have and still qualify.  This limit is a combination of income after deducting medical costs and assets.  Assets include bank accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and property other than the Veteran’s primary residence and vehicle.

Our Kansas attorneys can assist with the Veteran’s benefits application process. Having an experienced A Kansas Veterans law attorney on your side can help navigate your application and qualifications for this pension.

Larson & Brown, PA is here to help you and your loved ones understand Estate Planning, Wills & TrustsProbate & Trust AdministrationMedicaid Planning, Veterans Planning, and Farm and Ranch Planning. Our Wichita, Kansas law firm welcomes the opportunity to consult with clients in Wichita and surrounding Kansas areas to learn more about how we can help meet your veteran planning needs.

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