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Long Term Care Costs

The elephant in the room that no one talks about. This somewhat tired metaphor references an unseen but very much felt significant issue that everyone knows exists but no one wants to talk about. In estate planning it is without…

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Communication is Everything!

Have you tried to communicate with your family in your planning documents? Most people do not communicate with their children about what is to happen with their property when they die. Even more important, few people communicate with descendants, including…

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Can an Irrevocable Trust be Amended?

Some trusts are irrevocable at the time they are created. Some trusts start out as revocable trusts and then become irrevocable trusts. For example, a revocable living trust typically becomes irrevocable after the person or persons who established the trust…

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Where Do You Stand?

Have you reviewed your estate planning documents recently? Have you done any estate planning? According to AARP, 81% of those 72 or older have estate planning documents. However, only 58% of the baby boomers (ages 53 to 71) have done…

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