Business Succession Planning

We know that you have spent years, if not decades, founding, growing and managing your business. Now that the business has been successful, you might be thinking about passing that business on to your children and advising them while you are semi-retired. Maybe you have thought about selling the business to an outside buyer.

Maybe now that the sale of the business is complete, you will have time for that long overdue vacation to somewhere warm and sunny. Unfortunately, without the proper planning, a smooth business succession may not occur if there is an unexpected death, inability to attract a buyer, or fighting among the children poised to take over. We are dedicated to assisting business owners that want to ensure that the proper planning is in place for a smooth business succession.

Our practice appreciates and respects the time, commitment, and energy it takes to maintain a successful enterprise and that is why we are dedicated to assisting clients with this type of planning. We also know individuals don’t want all their hard work squandered through mismanagement or unwise decisions of future owners or children. This is why having the foresight to create a proper Business Succession plan is as important to your overall estate planning objectives as personal planning.

Since our law firm is also a small business, we know the importance of preparing and planning for the “what ifs” that may arise and we strive to achieve the level of planning that will maximize your goals.

Many times, in a family owned and operated business, the untimely and unexpected death of the founder or manager creates turmoil among heirs. We offer solutions that will ease any transition to new ownership, whether that be children, outside buyers, employee ownership groups, or junior level management. We institute plans that will provide peace of mind for the owner and owner’s family, regardless of whether the succession is planned due to retirement or due to an unexpected death.

Since each business and succession plan is different, please contact us for a consultation so that we can create a customized plan for your exact needs.

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