Solving the Medicaid, VA and Elder Care Maze for your Clients! (2 hrs. CE)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
1:30-3:30 P.M.

Presenter:  Tim J. Larson

Meet us in the Meadowlark Room at the Sedgwick County Extension Center

7001 W.21st N., Wichita, Kansas

Do you have clients with investments that also have a fear of what might happen to those assets in light of the high cost of Long-Term Care costs?

We are a firm that shows clients how to maximize their resources and income in light of the possibility of high long-term care costs.  Let us help you to understand how to advise and assist clients to utilize prudent planning to maximize their resources.  It is possible to preserve and protect assets, which means these assets can stay under your care and management.

When these clients have retirement plan funds of some significance, using a multi-year conversion plan to convert traditional IRA’s to Roth IRA’s can be a significant part of the plan.  Medicaid eligibility is not something to be afraid of and if a client is a Veteran it is possible to get assistance that is significant, but they have to plan to do so.

Reserve your free seat today (there is a limited seating) for this information packed event!

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