Health Care Documents

Health Care Power of Attorney

Under Kansas law, you can name an agent to consent to treatment, refuse consent to treatment, and withdraw consent to treatment. In essence, based upon the agent’s understanding of your desires, decisions regarding “quality of life” can be made. Typically, it is important to show that the agent has authority to determine where you will reside or what facility you might be in, what doctor you will see, and the agent have access to all medical and health care information. This document allows a spouse or other trusted individual to make medical decisions for you when you are unable to communicate what course of treatment you would prefer.

Release of Protected Health Information under HIPAA

HIPAA is a recently enacted federal law that prohibits medical personnel from discussing your patient records, conditions, and treatment plans with others. To avoid a situation where your loved ones are “left in the dark” without the necessary information, we draft a HIPAA release where you are able to name all the people you would want to have access to your medical history. Our experience has been that this release will allow any named individual to inquire about your condition and will allow the medical professional to discuss the situation with your loved ones without the fear of breaking the law.

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