Living Wills

These are medical directives or declarations that provide instructions to the medical professionals attending to you when you have been certified as being in a “terminal condition” and are unable to communicate. Most often, this document expresses your desire to not have any life-sustaining procedure when there is no chance that you will survive the situation. Put another way, this is your opportunity to express your desire to not be kept alive artificially when it serves no purpose to do so.

Many high-profile cases about a person’s “right to die” have been in the media in the last few years. Typically, one side of the family believes that the incapacitated person would want to continue with life-sustaining treatment while the other side believes that the terminal individual would not like their life prolonged in the current state. When this happens, obtaining a court order becomes necessary. With a written medical directive there is no question about what your intentions are and what type of procedures and life-sustaining treatment you do or do not want. Our documents are drafted in such a way that any condition must first be certified by certain medical staff before any decisions are made. A living will must be drafted to meet your needs. We often include a “comfort care” provision that addresses a desire that you be kept warm, clean and be provided with hydration and nutrition. Although forms are available for this, not every situation is the same and we believe you should consult with an attorney prior to drafting or signing a living will.

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