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The aim of Medicaid asset protection is to preserve a lifetime of savings from the high cost of nursing homes and long-term care. Think about this for a minute. Do you want to spend all the money that you’ve saved throughout your life on nursing home care? Or would you rather provide those assets to your family?

If you don’t take the steps to protect assets from Medicaid and nursing homes, you won’t have any choice in the matter.

Many of our clients (and most people) believe they’ll never need nursing home care. Some assume that if they do, the government will pay the costs. The sad truth is that long term care is a reality we need to face. As each year goes by we become more and more likely to need skilled medical care. Advances in medicine have allowed more complex medical services to be provided at home. But there are some situations that need round the clock attention in well-staffed and equipped facilities.

Care from these facilities in Kansas can cost more than $80,000 per year. Private rooms can top $100,000. What’s shocking is that you will have to pay these costs privately out of your income and assets unless you have properly planned to protect assets from having to be spent down.

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