Our Story

Even while in law school at Washburn University School of Law, Tim Larson knew that he wanted to have a law practice that focused on Estate Planning, and he took courses that would provide him with a good background in this area of the law, including courses in probate, trusts and Federal Estate Tax. Upon graduation in 1982, he joined an older practitioner in Burlington, Kansas who had an active probate practice. It was about this same time, with the development of the personal computers, initially sold to law firms as “word processors,” that the use of Living Trusts began to replace Wills as the primary centerpiece for the planning of individual estates and the transfer of wealth at death.

Tim Larson moved his practice from Burlington to Iola, Kansas in 1984. During this early period in his practice, a client brought him an article from the Wall Street Journal about an attorney in California that had a practice based upon the use of revocable living trusts for estate planning purposes. The client asked Tim why he should or shouldn’t consider the use of a revocable living trust in his own planning.
Tim considered the question and then took it to another level. He flew to California and visited the office of the attorney in San Diego who had been referenced in the Wall Street Journal article. What he saw intrigued him and he returned home with a new perspective and a belief that he, too, could establish a practice based upon estate planning with revocable living trusts. Tim then attended further meetings and met attorneys interested in this new practice and became active in a couple of national organizations for attorneys who were focusing their practice on estate
planning with revocable living trusts. In the process, he changed the focus of his practice to be primarily on estate planning.

The estate planning practice in southeast Kansas, out of necessity, also focused on planning for farmers and ranchers, and this continues to be a focus of the practice today.

The primary office of the practice was moved to Wichita, Kansas in 1998 from Iola. The focus has continued to be on estate planning and trust administration. Logan Brown joined Tim in the practice in January of 2008. He brought a background from a large Bank and Trust Company in Kansas City where he had begun his practice of law after his graduation from the Kansas University Law School in December of 2005. Together, Logan and Tim have grown the firm and the clients served during the passing years.

Over the last 30 plus years, the firm has assisted thousands of Kansans in estate planning and in taking care of those items that must be dealt with when a loved one dies.

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning encompasses a range of matters that are best defined in the following statement:

“We assist clients in planning for themselves and their loved ones in regards to their property and affairs, during their lifetimes and as they contemplate and plan for the possibility of incapacity and the inevitability of death.”

“We assist clients so that they can leave a legacy to their family and those religious and other community concerns that they care about.

Why should you or your family consider using the services of
Larson & Brown, PA?

We believe we have a unique law practice that is a personal service business. We want to build a relationship with our clients and their families that spans more than a lifetime. We care about the people we work for and all of us at Larson & Brown, PA want to make the experience of working with us as pleasant and full of value as possible.

What is it that we do at Larson & Brown, PA?

We help people get their affairs in order. We educate our clients and help them to understand what needs to be done to properly plan for the possibility of incapacity and the inevitability of death.

We help our clients deal with the very real concerns that exist in our world, such as Alzheimers, incapacity, divorced children, creditors and predators, the child who cannot handle financial matters prudently, the “special needs” child, the daughter whose marriage is unsteady, and the grandchild who needs an education. We assist clients in promoting the goals and ultimate legacy that good planning can accomplish.

We provide lifetime planning as well as estate planning for individuals, families and small businesses. We assist in the preservation of wealth from the pitfalls of taxes, unnecessary expenses, and those who would take our unprotected assets if they could get their hands on them.

What do we bring to the table? Of course we prepare many documents, however, it is the advice, direction, and counseling that are of significant value to you and your family members. Our education, training, and years of experience allow us to understand and then plan to meet the specific needs of the client involved.

We have assisted over two thousand clients complete their estate plans over the past 34 years. We understand the Medicaid “maze,” and are regularly involved in assisting families when a parent or spouse becomes incapacitated. We have had hundreds of situations where clients with trusts have died and have assisted in the administration process. We have also assisted families in many situations where probate is necessary because more sophisticated planning was not done before a death occurred.

We understand the reasons for utilizing any number of documents and then draft them to fit the situation-it isn’t one size fits all.

For example, we regularly assist clients in all of the following:
-Farm and Ranch Planning
-Planning for distributions to children, both minors and adults
-Planning for incapacitated parents
-Proper use of beneficiary designations
-Powers of Attorney
-Planning for the possibility of needing Medicaid
-Planning for Special Needs children
-The use of Life Insurance and Long-term Care insurance as part of the plan
-Living Trusts
-Special Needs Trusts
-General Warranty Deeds and Quit-claim Deeds for real estate
-Transfer on Death Deeds for real estate
-Charitable Remainder Trusts
-Charitable Lead Trusts
-Private Foundations
-Planning with Community Foundations for Charitable Purposes
-Asset Protection for Professionals
-Asset Protection for successive generations
-Entities to hold and control family assets and family business interests Corporations
-Limited Liability Companies
-Limited Partnerships
-Irrevocable Trusts
-Proper use of beneficiary designations and joint tenancy with the right of survivorship

We continue to be accessible for the questions that arise after the plan has been implemented.

We have an open door and phone line for our clients. We want to continue the relationship after the planning is in place and provide assistance and direction in the life of our clients as they continue to make decisions and acquire property.

We also provide assistance in dealing with necessary issues after the death of an individual, such as probate or trust administration.

What we don’t do:

We are not a litigation firm. We do our best to avoid adversarial contests whether it is a personal or business related lawsuit. When our clients need assistance in these areas we refer them to people who are as good at litigation as we are at planning.

We don’t handle bankruptcies, employment matters, landlord/tenant disputes, criminal defense, divorce, family law, collections, traffic matters, personal injury, wrongful death, or medical malpractice.

What we provide:

We provide our clients counsel, education and understanding in an office that has easy access and is in a comfortable setting. We are not part of a large law firm that has different divisions and areas of practice, complete with the incredible overhead of the big firm. Therefore we can provide quality service at a reasonable cost.

We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can provide good advice based upon who they are and what is important to them. We take into consideration their personal family concerns and the nature of their property and desires for both.

We guide our clients through the planning process.

Our clients typically need information and assistance in understanding the following:
1. What planning can be done to maximize resources and income in light of the potential for incapacity and long-term care concerns.
2. We explain the agencies that participate in providing programs, and in particular can provide guidance for those faced with needing to become
eligible for Medicaid.
3. We provide an understanding of how assets can be controlled, protected and properly transferred in the event of death.
4. We can explain income, gift, estate, generation-skipping, capital gains and how to minimize tax concerns based upon a client’s specific situation.
5. We understand how to explain and implement advanced estate planning techniques for tax and asset protection purposes.

We work with other professionals so that you benefit.

Whenever possible, we want to include the other advisors who are providing you with valuable services so that we are all focusing on what is best for you. This means your financial advisor, accountant, stock broker, life insurance agent, banker or other professional is more than welcome at any meeting we have together.

It is our goal to make the planning process or after-death administration process as comfortable as possible.

We work hard to maintain good communication and develop good relationships with our clients. It is our goal that all of our clients and their families feel better and are provided with quality advice for having come into contact with our office.

How do you start the process?

We invite you to call us at 729-0100.