Small & Family Owned Business Planning

As a comprehensive Estate Planning Law Firm, we are committed to providing service to our clients who own and operate small and family-owned businesses. We offer basic planning through the use of trusts and formation of entities. We also offer more complex solutions for situations where we help clients manage succession plans and coordinate the business planning needs with the personal estate planning needs. We can review operating agreements, corporate bylaws, and determine which entity will provide you with the greatest amount of flexibility, tax benefits, and creditor protection. In addition, we will be happy to review franchise agreements. Please consult us with your questions and issues, and we will be glad to offer you innovative and reliable solutions to your specific situation.

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Larson and Brown has over 34 years of estate planning legal experience, but we do much more than simply practice law. We are personally invested in our community and work hard to meet the needs of individuals who seek our help. That’s why we build great relationships with our clients by providing valuable information, guidance, and support for current concerns, as well as long term planning.

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