Veteran Benefits

For veterans and their spouses, the VA has a program that assists with long term care issues, referred to as the Improved Pension for Aid and Attendance. We assist clients in understanding the law relating to eligibility for Aid and Attendance.

Aid and Attendance is a benefit paid by Veterans Affairs (VA) to veterans, veteran spouses or surviving spouses. It is paid in addition to a veteran’s basic pension. The benefit may not be paid without eligibility to a VA basic pension. Aid and Attendance is for applicants who need financial help for in–home care, to pay for an assisted living facility or a nursing home. It is a non–service connected disability benefit, meaning the disability does not have to be a result of service.

Part of the educational process is to understand what must be done with existing assets to become eligible, as this program is “needs based.” Since its inception, the improved benefit for Aid and Attendance has not had a “look-back period” similar to Medicaid. Rules are being proposed that might involve a three-year look back.

Getting everything right, and possibly using an irrevocable trust is a concern as you want to make sure that everything is the way it should be and that you have complied with the law before submitting an Application for Benefits.

We have assisted several hundred veteransand their spouses in obtaining this benefit. Tim J. Larson has been an accredited attorney with the Veteran’s Administration since September of 2009.

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